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     Special Projects are a category of the JUAD Ministry in which you can develop different types of activities that do not occur during the official hours of the JUAD Ministry. It can be activities of all kinds (artistic, martial arts, sports, among others), any Base that is well evaluated and duly authorized by the International School for Training Leaders and Implementers JUAD [EICLI], may develop and apply a Special Project .
      Currently, the only Special Project developed by the JUAD Ministry is the JUAD Vocal Group.

THE VGJ | Vocal Group JUAD

      The JUAD Vocal Group is a Special JUAD Project, aimed at Juniors and Adolescents from 7 to 17 years old, participating or not in the JUAD Ministry. Started in 2010 at JUAD Headquarters, the GVJ has stood out for the technical development and personal training of its participants. In order to be a reference in the personal and vocational qualification of Juniors and Adolescents, principles, values ​​and technical knowledge are taught for artistic training, with an emphasis on singing. Today, with 10 years of experience, the GVJ is present today in 6 JUAD bases, in 3 Brazilian states, with 150 Participants and 30 Leaders!

      As a Special Project, Grupo Vocal JUAD has its own regulations and can only be expanded to a JUAD base after preparation of the leadership through a Training Course for GVJ Leaders and the fulfillment of some prerequisites. Functional Chief, request the Implementation of the GVJ and expand the work done at its Base by developing the Character of Christ in Artists.


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