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    Our activities are thought and planned to be FIS - fun, intense and striking! Therefore, we work with several projects within the Class of Adolescents and also with Special Projects!
     Discover the projects and find the right place for you to discover your talents, develop your skills and make friends!



   If what you enjoy is adventure, (almost) impossible missions, camps, rock climbing and everything that is pure adrenaline, the Adventure Project will awaken your exploratory side leading you to achieve goals and accomplish objectives that will require a lot of courage! Learn how to handle sharp equipment and set up campfires, first aid and other survival techniques in harsh environments.



    For you who love to photograph, edit photos and videos, write amazing texts and create content, well, the Communication Project is perfect for you! Here you will learn about production techniques, editing and content creation in the most diverse types of communication. Learn how to use cameras, programs and processes to produce the best quality content for everyone!



     For those who love the movement we have the Dance Project, a place where the most diverse types and styles of dance can and should be explored! Learn fundamental techniques of this art, how to create costumes, accessories and of course, choreography! Develop your artistic side and get ready to take relevant messages through your dance!



     If you are one of those who can't live even a minute without music, the Music Project is for you! Singing and playing an instrument is not an easy task, but here you will learn to use your skills in the best possible way, learning and creating different types of songs and using these skills to fill each JUAD event with quality sound!



For you who like to interpret and improvise, create scripts and scenes, we have the Theater Project! Here you will experience different types of interpretation and performance. Thinking about figures, lines, scenarios and scripts! Learn to express yourself in a more natural and clear way, interpreting from classics to new pieces that you can create!

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