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     The Kids Class serves a specific audience from 4 to 7 years old, which is not the official age group of the Ministry JUAD. It connects to a JUAD base, it has the same position as the other classes. As part of the JUAD Ministry, it remains an open class for all children, regardless of social status, religion, race or color.

     To provide experiences where children of this age group know Christ and form their character according to His person, guided by the Vision, Mission and Ministerial Values of JUAD, this work comes to enhance the inclusion of children in the official program.

      As a Special Class, JUAD Kids has its own regulations and can only be expanded to a JUAD base after preparation of the leadership through a Training Course for JUAD Kids Leaders and the fulfillment of some prerequisites.

      Functional Chief, request the Implementation of JUAD Kids and expand the work done at your Base developing the Character of Christ in your children.

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