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   Each year the JUAD Central Office seeks to hold events that generate integration and growth for each of its Leaders and JUADs. Addressing relevant issues in our society, we seek to achieve in a FIS [Fun, Intense and Striking] manner the understanding and heart of each participant, aiming to generate unity and provide quality moments, both relational and spiritual.
    Stay on top of our agenda and learn about the new events below:



     Acampaverão is a reference program in southern Brazil, which for more than two decades has provided fun, intense and striking moments for juniors and teenagers, from 5 to 18 years old. Adventure, games, leisure, friends and lots of fun await you at this super summer camp. Each year, a current topic is redesigned to become the scene of the program. With a lot of creativity, highly qualified leaders conduct activities guided by Christian principles that provide relevant reflections on the most diverse areas of life.




     Taking place annually, with editions in several Brazilian states, the International Conference of JUAD Leaders aims to bring together all the JUAD Leaders to bring a directive word, of improvement and motivation, keeping the Ministry's Vision active and preparing and motivating the Leaders for another year of Activities!



     Regional JUAD Congresses take place in the four corners of the world, bringing together JUADs and Leaders from a specific region in order to bring unity and joy in moments of teaching, worship, and of course, fun! With themes focused on the development of all age groups, Regional Congresses take place every 2 years, providing integration and dynamism to the Ministry.




    The Internacional JUAD Congress takes place every 5 years, bringing together JUADs and Leaders from all over the world in order to celebrate, worship, have fun and learn about God in a FIS way! Bringing new friendships and intercultural learning, the International Congress seeks to develop in each JUAD the understanding and understanding of a relevant theme that has an impact on our society.

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