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Have you ever wondered why so much is invested in children? They are tomorrow in the disguise of today: investing in them is building the future of humanity now!

Behind a discourse of respect and love, our children's identity has been violated! Vulnerable, they absorb everything around them, totally incapable of defending themselves in a world where you can do anything to be happy, whatever the cost! 

As Article 5 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution assures us, through this pronouncement we express our Christian position, declaring thatWe do not negotiate our principles and are willing to raise our voice in favor of the preservation of childhood in accordance with the rights established by the ECA for children and adolescents.

  • We do not agree with any indoctrination that may harm the identity formation of our children.

  • We do not agree on incest, pedophilia, or any matters that lead to  children to confusion as to who they are.

  • We are in favor of the family, as an institution constituted and created by God, formed by man and woman, who, united in one flesh, perpetuate generations.

  • We believe that Juniors and Adolescents of this generation are capable of becoming good citizens for our society if we intervene in their formation in an incisive and courageous way!


We are designing a series of actions that aim to respectfully point out a direction and reinforce principles that for us are non-negotiable! Several pastors have already joined the campaign, such as President of the United International Convention and United Churches, Pastor Leonardo Meyer, President of MBCV, Ap. Nelsi Rorato, Director of the Ministry of JUAD, Pra. Eliane Salles, among others.

If you too have non-negotiable values and are willing to protect our children's childhood, join us!




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