T-shirt made of PV Premium fabric in black or white with serigraphy of concepts (DIM). 

Fun-ti-do: Adjective 

1. Who is lively, humorous, creative, innovative, dynamic and highly contagious.  2. An enthusiast of life. 3. Encourager of exaggerated laughter, facial cramps, abdominal contraction, and shortness of breath. 4. One whose body is rich in endorphins.


In-ten-so: Adjective

1. Strong, vibrant, abundant, visceral, deep. 2. That transcends the normal. 3. Whose manifestation happens with great force, intensity or vigor. 4. Who has ownership and a high dominance about to impact. 5. Connected to 220v.


Mar-can-te: Adjective

1. What brands, signals, differentiates, separates. 2. Remarkable, which stands out, stands out. 3. Someone capable of touching,  impact, involve. 4. An unforgettable, memorable person.

DIM Concept T-shirt