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About the event

A unique experience: about 1,000 children, teenagers and leaders from 8 countries gathered to celebrate redemption in Christ! Can you imagine how unforgettable this will be?


The JUAD 2022 International Congress , whose theme is "TAMO JUNTO" , reaches its 8th edition as one of the biggest and most awaited JUAD events!

It will be three days to go down in history! Lots of fun, games, music, new friendships, intercultural experiences and of course, a lot of worship to Jesus, the one who transformed our history!

"I in them and you in me. May they be brought to full unity,  so the world knows that you sent me,  and you loved them as you loved me.” John 17:23

Date: November 12th to 14th, 2022

Local:  Banestado Praia de Leste Association

Pontal do Paraná - Praia de Leste / Paraná / BR



that will mark your history forever! Feel the weather: check out the best moments of JUAD Congresses!


We are more than 10 thousand JUADs from 4 to 16 years old, 2.5 thousand volunteer leaders , in 100 bases of more than 40 different denominations , belonging to 8 countries .

Over almost
three decades , the JUAD has already reached thousands of participants through a progressive and systematic program lasting 10 years. Through a “DIM” (Fun, Intense and Striking) pedagogy, juniors and teenagers have the opportunity to learn biblical principles in practice, discovering their skills and preparing to become good citizens able to lead and positively impact society.

The JUAD Ministry (Juniors and Teens) is a Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organization, headquartered in Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brazil, which since 1994 has been working with the objective of developing the character of Christ in juniors and adolescents.



Check out the opinion of those who have been!


“All the congresses and camps I've been to have been very fun, intense and, above all, remarkable! My experience as a JUAD is wonderful! Dive deep into this one that Jesus is with us! I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun!”  


Eduarda Piasseski |  Junior 2

JUAD Headquarters | MBCV Headquarters
Novo Hamburgo - RS/BRAZIL


“Lots of different people, lots of excitement, new friendships in the midst of fun - this is the International Congress! And it still has the special presence of God, with the Word that transforms and that praise. Come, Congress!”  


Pr. Diego Batista |  Teenager Class Leader

JUAD Headquarters | MBCV Headquarters
Novo Hamburgo - RS/BRAZIL


“The International Congress is a time for renewal, communion and also a time for our JUADs to renew their faith. I believe that the lives of juniors and teenagers will never be the same after this congress.”


Mario Stoklosa | Functional Chief and Regional Supervisor



“I learned to look at this ministerial work with eyes of faith: I don't see children, but spiritual, political, civil, military authorities, great professionals and parents! Thank you for being a part of this great vision!”


Pr. Marco Tordoya

Functional Chief  and Supervisor

JUAD Trinidad |  MBCV Trinidad



“Congress represents for me time for new things, friendships, experiences, fun and, above all, moments to deepen my relationship with God!”


Pr. Igor Nascimento

Functional Chief

JUAD Headquarters | MBCV Headquarters
Novo Hamburgo - RS/BRAZIL

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-18 at 18.26.48.jpeg

“I place my complete trust in the hands of the leaders, as I know that my daughters will be very well taken care of and protected. I praise God that they are part of this ministry, which grows more and more and changes the lives of many families!”


Amanda Fonseca |  Mother JUAD

JUAD Headquarters | MBCV Headquarters

Novo Hamburgo - RS/BRAZIL


“For me the congress is a unique moment! It's amazing to be able to meet people who share the same purpose! Only those who went know!”


Leonardo Veiga |  Adolescent

JUAD Headquarters |  MBCV Headquarters

Novo Hamburgo - RS/BRAZIL


“My first congress was as a teenage JUAD. When I arrived and saw that sea of JUADs, each one with a different accent, I was delighted! In my memory and in my heart those moments were etched forever and are, to this day, memories of happiness for me. It was worth working hard to pay for the trip, it was a seed of eternity. Today, I have the joy of providing my JUADs with these eternal moments lived in the Congresses, and that is wonderful!”


Carol Silva
Supervisor of Paraná / BRAZIL

582484_368427093195814_670898088_n (1).jpg

“For me, the congress represents the most important moment, which has spirituality, formation and  fun."


Junior Sandala |  Functional Head and Supervisor in AFRICA




BRL 690.00

For cash payments until 09/19/2022
Includes registration, accommodation and food during the event. Transport not included - check your base for more information!

2nd LOT
BRL 750.00 |  From 09/20/2022 to 11/03/2022


Entries must be made at each base.

The investment includes Registration, Accommodation and Meals during the Event.

Note ¹: Registrations will only be confirmed upon payment of the amount corresponding to the lot.

Note ²: If payment is made on a date after the batch, the amount to be charged will be according to the new batch.


Children from other states and under 16 years old need to have an Identity Card (RG) and the Legal Authorization for Accommodation and Transit within Brazil. The same is performed in  registries and is the responsibility of the parents.


Download now Authorizations and Letter to Parents that serve as a model for your Base!

THE  EVENT POLICY  and other important information is available at  OFFICIAL LETTER OF THE EVENT .


Lotes (3).png
  • Como serão as acomodações?
    Os quartos serão quádruplos (1 líder + 3 JUADs) ou quíntuplos (1 líder + 4 JUADs), separados por base, masculinos e femininos. Obs.: A configuração dos quartos é uma cama de casal e duas de solteiro ou uma cama de casal e três de solteiro.
  • Como será feita a administração de medicamentos?
    Cada líder é responsável por seus JUADs. A administração de medicamentos só é admitida mediante autorização dos pais e receita médica.
  • Como será o uso de equipamentos eletrônicos?
    O uso é restrito e de responsabilidade pessoal, por isso avalie com sua base a necessidade de levar. A instituição JUAD não se responsabilizará por nenhum pertence.
  • A JUAD Store estará aberta?
    A loja do JUAD estará em funcionamento junto a Secretaria do evento. Para adquirir produtos na loja, os juniores precisam estar acompanhados de um líder. Adolescentes poderão comprar sem acompanhamento da liderança.
  • Devo levar o Uniforme Oficial?
    O uso do uniforme oficial será obrigatório na Formação e Foto Oficial, no primeiro dia, após o almoço.
  • Devo levar roupa de cama e toalha?
    O hotel fornece roupa de cama e toalha para uso no hotel. Levar toalha de banho para uso na praia.
  • Devo levar roupa de banho?
    O local tem piscina e acesso à praia, sendo que os JUADs só poderão acessa-la acompanhados da Base completa e a presença de todos os líderes. O espaço terá contenção. Roupa de Banho (meninos): bermuda Roupa de Banho (meninas): maiô/camiseta escura e bermuda
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